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RAID 1 Configuration

  • ∙ Store the same data in two hard disks at the same time
  • ∙ Provide high reliabilty - Fault tolerance
  • ∙ Writing speed (performance) remains unchanged
  • ∙ Improve the reading speed
  • ∙ Right to store the important data

RTSP dual recording

P2P Service

Normal Mode (P2P)

In most of the video surveillance environment where there is normally neither VPN/Security Gateway or Firewall installed, the Secu-vision P2P server will establish a point to point(P2P). Tunnel with direct connection between the client devices(mobile phone, tablet, and PC) and the Secu-vision DVR & NVR.

Relay Mode (P2P)

If the Secu-vision DVR & NVR installed in a network environment with Firewall, VPN/Security Gateway, the Secu-vision P2P server will try to penetrate the Gateway/Firewall first, if this does not operate it will automatically switch to "Relay Mode" and so still allow the user to get video steaming.
In relay mode the videos are going to be remitted through the Secu-vision P2P server, since this server relay is consuming the bandwidth of Secu-vision P2P server. Therefore video viewing is limited to one minute in order not to overload the server.

Push Notification

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